Thursday, September 16, 2010

Atlantic Film Festival Opening Day Film Link Round-Up for 16/09/10

The Atlantic Film Festival starts today! Thanks for the reminder New 95.7 I was a little groggy this morning. (link)

Entertainment Reported Stephen Cooke from the Chronicle Herald has some 1 minute film video reviews up on the Herald site.  Check out what he has to say about some of the big films at the Festival. You can even log in to give your own review. (link)

Hockey Night in Halifax (link)

Music & Image rocks on for another year (link)

Our Executive Director is a Man of Action (link)

Ann Verrall made a film out west and has brought it back to Halifax (link)

Lots of Bravo!FACT shorts at our 30th (link)

We finally got branded this year by our talented friends at Spectacle Group (link)

Come and see homegrown Cape Breton actress Allie MacDonald in Score: A Hockey Musical (link)

Look who's coming to Halifax! (link)

Tastiest film in the Festival (link)

Music+Movies=Music&Image (link)

Great documentary from Fredericton heads to Halifax (link)

The hard working team of Strategic Partners makes magic happen every year (link)

Come out tonight and party with the cast and crew of Score: A Hockey a Fort! (link)

Check out the amazing Behind the Scenes film stills show at ViewPoint Gallery, happening now and also make sure to attend their panel this Saturday at Sonic Temple (link)

Our Music & Image program is still doing great things for Atlantic Canadian recording artists (link)

Lots of great music themed films happening again at this year's Festival, most notably local doc A Drummer's Dream (link)

It's been noted previously but Glen Matthews really is in a lot of stuff at this year's Festival (link)

Our good friends at the 1st annual Canadian Surf Film Festival are having their official launch this Saturday at the AFF's Festival Headquarters (link)

I still laugh every time I even think about the signature menu that Fid put together for the 30th Atlantic Film Festival (link)

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