Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Atlantic Film Festival Links Roundup for 08/09/10

It's sadly not playing at the Festival, but if you haven't seen the new teaser trailer for Hobo With a Shotgun you are failing at life (link)

NFB celebrates 30 years of support, and 4 films playing at the Atlantic Film Festival (link) (link)

The Coast on the full program (link)

Sue Carter Flinn dreams of Paris (or more specifically the movie Gainsbourg) (link)

The Shorts Report breaks down (guess what?), the shorts at the Atlantic Film Festival (link)

The Winnipeg Free Press blurbs on the Fest but doesn't mention the film we are screening from Winnipeg (link)

Score: A Hockey Musical scores a film festival hat trick (link)

Our national broadcaster gives us some love (link)

The Hollywood Reporter talks up everyone's favourite co-production market Strategic Partners (link)

NHL fans love film (or at least hockey films) (link)

Actor Glen Matthews breaks down the 30th Atlantic Film Festival (link)

Hey look Ma, an animation premiere (link)

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