Monday, August 30, 2010

Atlantic Film Festival Links Roundup for 30/08/10

Actor Glen Matthews has a busy Atlantic Film Festival with two films (The Corridor, Blush Response) screening as well being a participant in the Script Out Loud reading of Cory Bowles script Cracker Factory (link) Glen's also an avid Twitterer so give him a follow @GlenJM

WIFT-Atlantic are having their AGM, as well as hosting a conversation with filmmaker Ingrid Veninger whose film MODRA is screening during the Festival (link)

Atlantic Film Festival supporters and all around great weekly paper writers The Coast have a blurb about our Wednesday launch on their Haliwood Insider blog (link)

This has absolutely nothing to do with the Film Festival, but Underworld's new song is called "Always Loved a Film" and both the song and video are great (link)

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